Our soft launch has been great. We are slowly growing our audience and refining the vision of our magazine.One of our visions is to grow Rip into an educational platform

Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics are four very broad fields of education and profession. Linked together through their collective use of logic, research and innovation, the importance of quality STEM

One of the most politically charged topics of the day, climate change—also referred to as global warming—has become a great challenge for humankind the world over. Climate change refers to

The Challenge Something was missing at Mercer Elementary. The school was lacking a space for real-world innovation – a space where students could tinker with cutting-edge technology and collaborate on

What is the Rust Belt? Ever since the hotly contested 2016 election, we have been hearing about this Rust Belt extensively across the media. The term can conjure in our

When you think of government, you might think of big buildings all around the country: the White House, the Capitol, state capitols and city halls. It’s easy to think of

In 2016, African-American history gained a forever home on the national stage. To say it was a long time coming would be an understatement. However, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum